One Day Elliott and Triple A- Side

Signed by Engineer Records, an independent record label, representing a family of bands such as Red Light Runner, Come The Spring and The Satellite Years, One Day Elliott are ready to rock your ear cavities. Made up of Paul Richards, Richard Crooks, Pud Greenlees and Dan Purton, the band has written and recorded previous records such as “Never Be Content with Average”, “Mistake in My Design” and “So Far So Good”.

Intrigued by the design and influence of their new EP “Triple A-side” and the sound of ODE, I spoke to Paul to get the fly on the wall experience.

Everyone must be interested in the reasoning behind the band’s name, right? The decision of a band name must be a long winded and thoughtful process. Right? …Paul? “We get asked this a lot, and the truth is when we first started we couldn’t decide on a name… a friend of mine said ‘Right, I’m just going to pick three random words out of this [psychology] book” A possibly flawed plan sure did end up with a catchy outcome, not a name you could forget anytime soon. “We could have ended up with anything. Pavlov, Id, Oedipus…”




The sense of passion and fun that I got from just a casual chat with Lead singer Paul gave off the impression that this band was more than a group of guys that got together to see what happened, but rather a group of close pals that saw an opportunity to have a good time. “Pud (bass)  and I have been best friends since Junior school. We used to make up songs with his brother Jamie [orginal drummer of ODE] We toured around Maidstone and after seeing Crooks (guitar) playing in another band we pinched him. Jamie got married and had kids so had to leave. We knew Dan from playing in other bands, and so he completes the lineup as it is today”

“We formed because of our mutual love for writing and performing music. And [We] noticed that people in bands tend to have better-looking girlfriends! …JUST KIDDING!”

The guys newest EP, “Triple-Aside” contains 3 tracks; Estella, 100 voices and Legacy. “I had written [these] three songs that ended up sounding massive and epic sounding… we figured they were all big enough to be released as singles… [the title and idea] we decided to go for a twist on the whole double A-side thing” After first listening to these three tracks, it’s definitely agreeable that each song has its own style and message but more importantly it’s own huge sound.


Triple A-Side Album art (Lewis Tillett)


Estella is probably the biggest track on this EP, with brilliant instrumental breakdowns and a toe-tapping beat throughout, not forgetting the deep resounding vocals reigning throughout. 100 Voices gives off an anthem vibe that is very new to the type of music One Day Elliott has ever written before whilst Legacy feels you with a sense of courage and determination with my all time favorite lyrics harmonized.

“Estella is based on a character from Great Expectations, 100 voices is about doing what’s right [a political first for ODE] and Legacy is about doing something that matters” Each song represented strongly by the album art credited to Lewis Tillett. “We thought of going with a Superhero, Avengers type thing. I think Lewis did a really good job to depict those characteristics [of the songs] in the album art.”

But a new EP and a few new songs didn’t stop a quick turn down memory lane. “We’ve been going for such a long time, I think there are different songs from eras of the band that are favorites… The ones that stand out for me are So Far So Good, Broken, Mistake in My Design and Estella from the new CD”

With their first album “A New Direction” being released in 2001, it’s inevitable that ODE has a few memories and crazy stories to tell. “On our first US tour we were driving through the mountains in Arizona and our trailer came unattached… overtook us at high speed down the highway and smashed up in the trees… Everything was salvageable, Pretty scary though” With stories such as this, there must be some superb tours to go alongside it. One Day Elliot haven’t only toured the majority of England over their years as a band. “We’ve also toured in the USA a couple of times which was awesome. Playing places like Vegas and Los Angles were very cool”

band 2.jpg

But what final words of wisdom did this successful band have for those trying to make it in the same industry?  “I don’t know that we’re in the position to advise people, but I’d say, just make the music you enjoy and don’t try to adapt to what you think people want. Make what makes you happy and find the people that like it. After that, work hard and be nice to other bands”


Check out One Day Elliott’s new EP “Triple A-side” on Spotify and Youtube, out now!

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